Exploring NFTs For Indie Game Development

I bet you have been hearing the hype about NFTs, recently. Elon Musk tried to sell one of his tweets as an NFT. Apparently, he rescinded it recently after a millionaire offer.

I had a great idea to release small games as NFTs in order to pioneer in the space. NFTs are already being used to sell unique in-game items like microtransactions… but I want to sell whole, even if small, unique games.

I’m not sure if I’m the very first person to release a whole game, rather than just an in-game item, as an NFT. …

When I was in college, I was very interested in conspiracy theory. This is 10–11 years ago.

But not in the sense that I was paranoid that something would happen to me or the world or whatever. I wanted to take theory into science fact.

Could I replicate actions or enact experiments related to conspiracies? Are conspiracies actually possible? Such as election rigging, false flag events, infiltration, and other things blamed on conspiracies.

The opportunity showed itself in all places, our college student government. Every year, the really popular students would win, and these students were in a clique. …

Confused by the overtly philosophical, wordy, and Biblically lacking treatises on the Trinity?

Then this is for you.

In The Image Of God by Samuel Garcia attempts to tackle one of the core doctrines of Christianity by paying attention to the ignored singular analogy of the Trinity in the Bible text itself: the trinity of man, and how it fits nicely with the traditional and current perception of the Trinity with little contradiction, yet confident in its assertion of the importance of rightly dividing the word of God and make solid statements about the Trinity that few dare make.


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I’m throwing my hat onto the ring in the sub versus dub wars.

It’s simple.

It’s not that Japanese voice acting is more expressive and emotional. It’s not that the dubbing masks some great cultural meaning.

No, no, no.

I cringe less when reading rather than hearing.

When I hear something in English, it strikes my emotions directly.

When I read it in English, that gives me time to process and strip it of emotion even though the Japanese voice acting paired with it is supposed to give it that emotion.

Just some of the situations are…

Since some people were asking about Game Stop stock memes:

This is not financial advice for legal reasons.

Hedge fund Melvin Capital owns shorts of Game Stop stock.

It’s complicated, but shorts are basically lending stock to sell back at a lower price to profit at a difference.

You lend someone a Starbucks coffee at $5, and they hold that coffee, then sell it back to you for $4 once the price drops, and they pocket the $1 difference. Well, now the price of coffee is like $500, and they will lose $496 dollars.

Since they can’t profit if the…

You’re heard of the post-left. Who are the post-right?

The history of the world is marked by epistemological eras. Modernism was a construction of a meta-narrative. A meta-narrative is the consensus of the world, its objective truth in the world-level, whether or not it truly is objective in reality or God-level. Postmodernism is a rejection of the meta-narrative, a deconstruction. Metamodernism is a reconstruction, the era after postmodernism.

From postmodernism and metamodernism we see the rise of the post-left. Post-left are those that criticize the traditional left for their compromises with the system. It seeks to deconstruct the left. The…

(Guest post)

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Here’s the true story when I finally knew my weight was out of control.

“I can’t remember how I got here,” I remember telling the doctor when I woke up. My husband sat in the corner of the hospital room looking worried, and there was a soap opera playing muted on the TV.

What happened to me? The last thing I remember was packing the children’s lunches, and then … nothing. The bright lights in the room began to hurt my eyes. How long have I been out for? I must have been out of it, because I didn’t even notice the doctor standing at the foot of my bed.

“You had a heart…

(Excerpt from the following book, Passive Income Strategy In A Week)

Why You Should NOT Get Into Passive Income

Passive income often does not mean you will get rich. It does mean once you understand how and apply it, it will snowball over a period of time, and you can start having extra money or be paying off some bills here and there.

Taxes are far more complicated once you get past $600. You will also have to set aside at least 15% per month for it. You can use deductions to mitigate that, but it is still a pain.

It usually takes a long time to gain…

Samuel Garcia


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