In The Image Of God: The Only Analogy Of The Trinity In The Bible

Confused by the overtly philosophical, wordy, and Biblically lacking treatises on the Trinity?

Then this is for you.

In The Image Of God by Samuel Garcia attempts to tackle one of the core doctrines of Christianity by paying attention to the ignored singular analogy of the Trinity in the Bible text itself: the trinity of man, and how it fits nicely with the traditional and current perception of the Trinity with little contradiction, yet confident in its assertion of the importance of rightly dividing the word of God and make solid statements about the Trinity that few dare make.

The Trinity should not be a total mystery, but something you already exhibit and experience every day.

  • The first mention of God being plural in scripture. (It’s not in the New Testament!)
  • How the each Person of the Trinity made each part of the human trinity.
  • Identifying a third separate substance separate from material and immaterial.
  • How each of the trinity of man is an independent person.
  • And much more!

This is a book in the Dividing Asunder Series.

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