Why I Watch Anime Subbed Instead Of Dubbed When I Do

Picture by mentatdtg

I’m throwing my hat onto the ring in the sub versus dub wars.

It’s simple.

It’s not that Japanese voice acting is more expressive and emotional. It’s not that the dubbing masks some great cultural meaning.

No, no, no.

I cringe less when reading rather than hearing.

When I hear something in English, it strikes my emotions directly.

When I read it in English, that gives me time to process and strip it of emotion even though the Japanese voice acting paired with it is supposed to give it that emotion.

Just some of the situations are just cringe in voiced English.

But not in written English.

When I read the subs, I just blaze through watching it.

Maybe when it is dubbed, I can see myself say the same things, and I just feel like an idiot in some scenes. Probably.

So yes, no elitist thing here. If you can not cringe with some of the English dubs, do so. There are a few anime I like dubbed better than subbed.


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